Construction Fine Art for Interior Designers

The Foyer is an important part of the office experience as it sets the mood and educates the viewer as to the focus of the proprietor.


Subtle Nuances

There are often subtle nuances that gives the viewer an insight into the priorities of the proprietor of a business, and the art that is displayed is a very good indication of what those priorities are. In the case of leaders in the construction industry, particularly those that work in the utilities and road construction, as theirs is a very specialized arena and it is easy to get confused about this very specialized work. There are thiose that do curbs and roadways and those that specialize in bridges, asphalt and concrete construction. So how does one differenciate? One way is by the art that hangs on their walls. A commissioned painting dipicting their specialized equipment, highly skilled work crews and job-sites specific to their strengths, immediately tells the story.