Art for Construction Industry Leaders

Preston Pipelines Foyer/Milpitas, CA

Two pieces in waiting area/CA

A Lobby installation/Dallas, TX

Entry/ LA


  • Art can help define a company’s brand, image and ethos.

    As business owners and office furniture specialists will attest, it is essential to define a clear brand for your company – one which supports your company’s culture and professional ethos. When you are in the business of world class construction with expensive assets, it makes sense to show your committment to that industry. Artwork is an efficient way to convey a business’s identity – and construction fine art is the largest and most sought after art in the construction industry.

    Art is a relatively inexpensive means of investment that improves the bottom line.

    With an increase in productivity comes a boost to work output and, ultimately, profits. The ROI on heavy equipment, work crew and job site artwork in the workplace could well be worth the investment, if not for a short-term increase in profits, then for a long-term pledge to improve the working environment, develop a culture of quality, and show a commitment to team wellbeing and the business you are committed to.

    Art in the workplace improves and enhances company culture.

    Art is a great way to provide insight into a company’s culture. You have an investment in your companies employees and employees will feel more at home in the workplace if investment is made in art.

    Art has the potential to be an investment!

    And finally, it’s always possible that the art you buy could one day be worth a fortune!

Appian Engineering/CA

Iron Planet/CA and Dubai

Overaa Construction/CA


Name: Art for Construction Professionals
Location: Various
Team: Brad Burns, John Aspers, Amber Woo

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